Interactive Physio is a new concept, combining traditional Physio approaches with technology, as both a method of communication AND treatment.

If it's something you haven't come across before, you probably have questions about how it works so we've answered some FAQs to help.

  • Aren’t games just for fun ?

    Games are fun but the software has been designed to require specific movements and when used with a physiotherapists support these can promote rehab from the comfort of your own home.  Research has demonstrated that games help motivate activity, which is a key element in rehabilitation.  The software allows the physiotherapist to be specific with which movements are being targeted and worked on.

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  • Is there any research or evidence to show that this approach works ?

    Yes, there are many research papers now that provide evidence that the camera tracks movement accurately and that games that use the camera promote activity and boost health.  Areas of research include Stroke, Parkinsons, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury, Hemiplegia, Balance retraining.

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  • What if I can’t do the exercises ?

    If you are unable to do the exercises that the games require then a simple consultation with the physiotherapist will help adjust the level of the required movement.  This makes the games easier and therefore more achievable.  However, following an initial assessment via video consultation this should not happen as the games will be set up specifically for your needs and ability.

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  • What if the software or camera doesn’t work ?

    If the software or camera doesn’t work then we offer technical support over the phone or via video consultation.  Technology can be tricky at times but is easily resolved with some guidance.  All instructions given on the outset are clear and straightforward to help avoid issues.  Assistance is available if required.

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  • What if I don’t like the games or program ?

    If you find that you don’t enjoy or like the program then contact us and we can either offer a different gaming set of exercises or offer more traditional physiotherapy options to you, depending upon your need.  

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  • What is calibration ?

    Calibration is the process in the program where the camera is looking for you and your limbs.  If you are in a wheelchair the settings with reflect this and the camera will adjust accordingly.  If space is limited then the calibration can be skipped all together, with only minimal impact on the sensitivity of the exercises and games.

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