Interactive Physio offers a selection of rehabilitation services and treatments and will cater them to your requirements depending on your specific need. Please see below for a description of each of these services.


Do you have a rehabilitation need? Is accessing physiotherapy away from home challenging due to the current climate, travel or work commitments? Then exercising at home is the solution. Fully supported by a specialist and registered physiotherapist.


Physiotherapy has used active gaming for over 15 years with an abundance of research to support its practice. Re-motivate your rehabiliation using cutting edge gaming technology from your home.


Support and advice for both professional colleagues and private clients regarding how technology can be used within physiotherapy.


Interactive Physio is a motivating way to approach your rehabilitative physical recovery. Using a combination of traditional physiotherapy alongside technology to make rehabilitation fun, engaging and interactively and all from your own home. Here is our team:


Hannah, Glos.

Excellent service...

Rebecca is a hard working and knowledgeable physiotherapist who strives to make therap fun and engaging. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding technology and can apply many different games - both bespoke and off the shelf - to benefit the patients specific needs.

Hannah, Glos.


Interactive Physio is a new concept, combining traditional Physio approaches with technology, as both a method of communication AND treatment. If it's something you haven't come across before, you probably have questions about how it works so we've answered some FAQs to help.


  • Gaming as part of Therapy

    November 16, 2020
  • The Technology Progression

    September 28, 2020


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